The 3 Golden Rules of Social Media

Written By Chloe Donahue


Between algorithm changes and new business features for social media, how are businesses supposed to KEEP UP with marketing their brands without making it a full-time job? It’s simple really. Below are a few golden rules of social media that will steer you in the right direction and benefit your business while staying true to your company’s core values. 


Don’t be afraid. This shouldn’t scare you or be nearly as hard as people make it out to be.

“How the f*** do I create content for my blog?! I don’t know what to say!” You do. I promise you do. 

While you may not want to post something - just post it. You can and you should have fun with it. Statistics show (no, I’m not sharing specific percentages - you’ll just have to trust me) that people connect with brands on a more personal level when their posts are more relatable. What do I mean by that? Be honest. People relate to long work hours, the feeling you get when the weekend somehow escapes you, or rocking a business meeting! Keep it positive and keep it REAL.


Consistency is key! I can’t stress this enough. Consistency doesn’t have to mean posting every single day; this can be draining, especially if you’re a new business. Sharing intentional creative, branded (consistent colors, patterns, and text) content is more valuable and is much more effective than the same “Monday Mantra” post over and over again that screams “I was forced to post something today and there’s no theme or reason for it! Ahh!” While, yes, those posts may be enjoyable for a few of your followers, the majority will remain disengaged and confused. Come up with a consistent brand strategy and stick to it.


Cheesy, I know, but no one wants to follow a brand that throws out negativity or bashes other brands. You didn’t build your brand for it to be a negative force in this world. So how do you combat the haters AND get your brand to shine like it’s meant to? Share, retweet, repost, and post about LOVE. By love I don’t mean kissy faces or couples, I mean why do YOU love your brand? Why does Susan from HR love the brand? Show off the qualities you’re most proud of and content that directly speaks to your target audience. If you do, your followers will be flocking to engage with your business. 

Continued Rant - You probably see #GIRLBOSS plastered all over Instagram lately, right? I hate to say “duh” but obviously celebrating women in the workplace in some aspect is huge right now. Does this seem like the obvious marketing trend for people to jump on? Hell no — that’s why they’re doing it. Stay genuinely different, it’s trending.

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